Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

We offer bulk-billed telephone consultations to all of our existing patients.

The process of booking a telephone consultation is simple and operates in the same manner as making a standard face to face appointment. When making an appointment online simply select the appointment type ‘phone consult’ rather than the reason for the appointment. Alternatively, you can call reception on (07) 5551 6999 for bookings. Please note, your GP will do their best to contact you at the scheduled time however unexpected delays may occur.

Both referrals and imaging requests can be faxed to your email or healthcare provider post-appointment. However, scripts issued during a telephone consult will need to be picked up either at reception OR at the pharmacy next door according to your preference. Please be advised that S8 medication repeats will not be feasible via telephone consults; a face-to-face will be required.

Please keep in mind there are limitations to phone consultations such as the inability to perform a physical examination and therefore clinical judgement might be limited vis a vis face-to-face consults

.​ Some consultations may still require a further follow up appointment in-person at a local GP and our staff will help facilitate this as required.

To help us in our efforts to minimise the risk of COVID-19, any individuals who have:

MUST STAY HOME and either book online or contact the surgery to organise a bulk billed phone consult.